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Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente is part of AEDED

04 March 2024

In Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente we are aware of how important both environment and sustainability are and, as a result of this concern, we want to take part in associations, such as AEDED, focused on recycling, and decontamination.

The Spanish Demolition, Decontamination, Concrete Cutting and Recycling Association (AEDED) was created for the purpose of encouraging these sectors' professionalism and promoting its associates' work.

AEDED is a platform to support businesess and professionals connected to the demolition,decontamination, concrete cutting, drilling and recycling sectors. The objectives set by AEDED are aligned with the objectives sought by Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente.

We are focused on offering every demolition, recycling, drilling, deconstruction, and construction business the adequate machinery to optimise all these activities.

In Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente we take pride in working with the best equipment of eachof the brands we distribute. In the event of not being able to provide you with a specific piece ofequipment, we can develop it for you.

AEDED is an association that, among other activities, works to raise awareness about the advantages of recycling all the waste resulting from the demolition and deconstruction processes. From Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente we encourage society in general to commit to reusingand giving a second life to all the waste recovered from deconstructions and demolitions.

The most committed companies specialised in these sectors are united under the banner of AEDEDbecause of our common objectives:

  • To work for the recognition of these professional activities
  • To favour professionalism and fight against unqualified practice
  • To promote cooperation among all the agents involved: manufacturers, administrations, engineering
  • To update knowledge and skills and provide continuous training

Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente is a company committed to its sectors and customers.

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