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Ability Maquinaria's agreement with Gusella Bakker

15 December 2023

Ability Maquinaria starts working with the renowned Brand Gusella Bakker, manufacturer of machinery specialised in the demolition and recycling sectors. Gusella Bakker is the result of the merger of two European companies with a long history and wide experience in the sector.

The union of Gusella and Bakker means both brands excellence. Ability Maquinaria could not miss the opportunity to distribute their products to our customers. Some of the advantages that the Gusella Bakker's products provide are reliability, strength and durability.


Gusella was formed during the great economic boom of the late 1950s, when the construction industry was in need of new devices and equipment to meet the demand in a sector that was inconstant evolution.

In 1958 Enzo Gusella decided to diversify production and went from building agricultural machinery to manufacturing lifting equipment and machinery for moving rubble and waste.

The constant focus on problem solving, investment in research and the development of new technology made the company reach outstanding results: the first orange peel grab with a structural base frame. A completely new product that protects flexible hoses and hydraulic components.

On the other hand, Bakker Hydraulic Products started its journey when Klaas Bakker took over an agricultural mechanisation company in Arnhem in 1950. He had plenty of experience in that field and was able to design and build machines himself in order to meet the demands of the marketquickly. In the following years, he started to build more and more earth-moving equipment and, later on, equipment for truck-mounted cranes.

His son Harm joined the company in 1969. Like his father, he also knew how to design and build machines. He continued specialising in garbs and designed a multipurpose one with a horizontal cylinder instead of a vertical one. This design made the company grow faster than expected and caused its first relocation.

After several location changes, in 1989 the company moved to Elst where it remains located today. Besides grabs, Bakker Hydraulic Products started to design other types of equipment, the most wellknown being the orange peel grappers or the GEJO systems for emptying environmental containers.

In 2014 the company celebrated its 75 anniversary. After more than 75 years in business, Gusella -Bakker y Bakker Hydraulic Products stand as the ideal suppliers of all kinds of equipment for truck-mounted cranes, excavators and material handling machines for moving loose materials.

2024 - Unified Strength: Gusella Bakker
In 2024, Anders Invest became the proud owner of Gusella Bakker and Bakker Hydraulic Products,uniting their strengths under the single name “Gusella Bakker.” This unified entity, backed by theownership of Anders Invest, represents a harmonized commitment to expertise and shared values. With decades of combined experience, Gusella Bakker stands ready for the future, embodying alegacy of innovation and excellence and we are proud to be their official distributor.

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