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Demolition and Recycling magazine reflects the growth of Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente

16 May 2024
Demolition and Recycling magazine reflects the growth of Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente

Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente distributes in Spain equipment from prominent brands that are in high demand in our country. This is the case of the Multiskid RC, the new remote control loader from the Italian company CM.

CM has designed and built the new fully radio-controlled compact loader, known as Multiskid RC. Thanks to the full remote control system, operators can direct the machine remotely, which offers several advantages to operators.

Our company in Demolition & Recycling magazine

The technical magazine Demolición y Reciclaje is focused on demolition, recycling and RCD management. With more than 25 years and 108 numbers, it is completely consolidated in this sector. Under the direction of Fueyo Editores, we are proud that this magazine echoes the distribution in Spain of the new Multiskid RC compact loader.

Among the main features of the Multiskid RC we can highlight the following:

Complete remote-control system that allows operators to direct the machine from a distance. This provides greater safety on the job thanks to direct visibility. It allows the operator to work in complete safety at a distance, away from noise and vibrations.

Less use of resources in work. A single operator can carry out jobs such as microtrenching or road milling in which with a normal skid steer it would be necessary to have a second operator in front of the machine, to give signals to the operator in the cabin to carry out the work.

To guarantee stability on very inclined or sloping surfaces and on unpaved terrain (naturally dangerous environments that are difficult to access with conventionally operated machines) we would rely on the low center of gravity, the wide width of the tracks and the choice of trapezoidal undercarriage of this equipment.

Additionally, the trapezoidal undercarriage system provides strong traction and superior speed, allowing it to work in a wide range of applications and ground conditions.

The crawlers have been developed from rubber-reinforced steel and feature forged steel inserts to provide greater support across the entire width of the track, as well as greater durability and resistance to scratches and wear.

Continuous steel cables hold the inserts in place providing tensile strength, locking tension on the tracks. The tread design also helps reduce ground pressure on the machine, increasing tractive force and stability. Agile, compact but powerful thanks to its 75 HP engine, it complies with Stage 5, F3.8 Stage v/Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

Equipped as standard with a universal hitch for compact loaders, any accessory can be attached. The arm has been designed so that it can be raised up to 3 meters, allowing unloading at great heights.

The radio control reaches a maximum distance of 300 meters and is equipped with an emergency button, machine on/off, LED lights and horn.

The transmitter is ergonomic, compact and its robust fiberglass nylon housing has an IP65 protection rating. From the radio control, the operator can check in real time the fuel level, the engine temperature, if the equipment is engaged or if any anomaly occurs. The device also emits an acoustic signal in case of failure.

Thanks to the remote control, we obtain the maximum manoeuvrability.

Simple buttons with three different speed modes, easy to use and intuitive. The 252 l/min at 2,500 rev/min, 250 bar hydraulic system consists of three pumps; one for the attached equipment, another to move the tracks and the third for secondary services.

The Multiskid RC is equipped with a cyclonic pre-filter with a visible transparent bowl that, thanks to the centrifugal fins, performs a first separation of the dust, which makes it possible to considerably reduce the replacement of the filter elements. It is also equipped with four approved lifting points that allow the machine to be raised to position it in certain areas, four LED headlights as standard that offer a greater range of visibility, in addition to not being damaged by humidity and being resistant to vibrations, a warning acoustic movement in the direction of travel and in reverse, and ballasts to counterbalance heavy equipment.

To have more information about the Multiskid RC, please check the Demolition & Recycling website here

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