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We delivered an OSA breaker, model HB-1500, for the Volvo crawler excavator

29 April 2024
We delivered an OSA breaker, model HB-1500, for the Volvo crawler excavator

Ability Maquinaria y Medioambiente has recently delivered an OSA brand HB-1500 hammer for a Volvo crawler excavator.

OSA Demolition Equipment is a company specializing in demolition implements, such as primary and secondary demolition machines; recycling and recovery attachments: scrap metal shears, concrete crusherand pulverizer, breakwater and/or selection clamp, forestry shear, and more.

Ability Maquinaria y Medio Ambiente distributes OSA equipment

The Ability Maquinaria y Medio Ambiente team is committed to brands that are a reference in their sector, such as OSA Demolition Equipment. In fact, OSA hydraulic breakers have innovative and cutting-edge features to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market, which is why were commend them.

The new HB series of hydraulic breakers has been designed with an internal control valve system. Compared to the old system with external valves, the new one allows higher impact forces, keeps a constant speed, even at high temperatures and protects the valves from impacts. The new HB series has a simple and attractive form, thanks to the redesign of the tie rods and the internal valve body system.

It also has an innovative integrated hydraulic system, that cancels empty shocks, thus preventing breakage of tools, tool holders and pistons. This is a particularly "intelligent" system that automatically recognizes the presence of solid material under the tip.

When the chisel is permanently on the rock, the hydraulic breaker piston starts moving, releasing all its energy and hitting the chisel. On the contrary the piston doesn’t start moving, avoiding in this way “empty strikes” and preserving not only tie-rods and bushes, but reducing the vibrations released on the excavator and the operator.

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